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” Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Napoleon Hill

What is Bioenergetics Medicine? 


Bioenergetic Medicine has the fundamental premise that our full health can only be attained by addressing the individual as a whole: body, mind, and energy.

Our body is a resilient system that can naturally do its healing and regulation when operating in the present moment. What does it mean?

Thoughts are very powerful. So powerful that they can trigger the survival response in our body, known as fight or flight. This response is essential when we have an external threat or when we play sports; however, if we maintain this predominant physiology in our daily lives, our body cannot heal itself as it is supposed to. Like that, our body is continuously on survival mode, and when we are in this state, what should happen naturally becomes blocked. A great example of that is digestion: Being in survival mode has a direct effect on how we digest our food. We don’t digest our food correctly since this is not a priority for our body when “a tiger is chasing us”. The chronic stimulus of the stress response or fight or flight response can lead to physical symptoms. Using our digestion example, being always under stress can lead to chronic digestive problems.

What we want is to operate in the present moment. That means having the appropriate physiology for what is happening now and not reacting to memories (thoughts or concerns about something that already happened). If we often react to memories, we create interference on the natural flow of energy.

Bioenergetics Medicine works with the body’s energy, enabling all interferences associated with physical, emotional, and mental conditions to be located and removed. Thus, the body can restore its natural functions of self-healing and regulation.

The bioenergetic technique uses light, non-forceful, touches to specific points on the head, shoulders, belly, arms, legs, and feet in a particular sequence that access different areas of the brain. This intervention improves the body-mind communication, and once this happens, symptoms are no longer needed.

Awake your better version

Learning about how our body works, the power of our mind, and energy gave me another perspective about life. I believe I am consciously responsible for my reality, and so do you. Isn’t it an amazingly powerful statement?

The more I studied more I could see the potential of this tool. Even though it is well known for its amazing results on physical health, my heart was attracted to the incredible potential this tool has to help people reach their goals, their unbelievable potential, or their wildest dreams.

I decided to apply all I was learning in myself as well as on hundreds of people that came my way, and I couldn’t believe all that was happening. The results were mind-blowing! I have so much trust in what bioenergetics can do for people that I quit my steady job and opened my practice. It has been the most fantastic experience.

My calling is to spread this technique with the world as well as create a community aware of our body’s natural healing capacity and the incredible power of our mind. 

I was very surprised and pleased to discover the benefits of bioenergetics with Carol. Since after the first meeting, I slept much better with the technics learned and I could improve focus on some aspects of my career and personal life. Even a pain I had on my left knee due to exercise without appropriate warming up time before completely disappeared. I can say that bioenergetics can make you see and feel things differently in life, thinking better and enjoy better some situations. Carol is a very dedicated and sweet person that makes all this become an amazing discovery and a pleasant path.

Rodrigo Moreira

Web and graphic designer,

Carolina, I love what you do and I’ve seen B.E.M. work in my life first hand! You’ve help open my eyes to having a deeper and more meaningful awareness of myself and I will continue to share with others the positivity that you’ve brought to me! Your intuition, sensitivity and care for others is inspiring! Thank you Carolina!!!!

Social worker

Carol treated my mother several times while she was in ICU due to a double pneumonia. She was intubated and during a crucial time when she was really not responding well Carol came and did a treatment and since she was connected to heart and other vital sign monitor you saw her vitals change drastically as she was doing the treatment. My mother responded to Carols bioenergetics treatment so well that she did several during her ICU stay(6 weeks). I will be forever grateful. Thank you Carolina Wilke ?



We are all looking for a moment of clarity; to figure out our challenges, manage them, or better yet resolve them. BEM is unique in its methodology, simplicity and efficacy. Carolina comes from a very grounded source and I trusted her easily. She is very skilled at detecting the subtle nuances and imbalances, and creates a therapeutic support for establishing the rhythms that need to exist for equilibrium. Finding the easy connections between; body and mind, conscious and unconscious, dream and reality; seem impossible right? I thought so too, let Carolina show you how wonderfully inspiring, honest, and revealing it can be. 
Katherine Leduc

Yoga teacher and massage therapist

My first contact with Bioenergetic Medicine was through Carol three years ago. I remember when she started her journey, I was one of the first to volunteer for her to practice. During all this time, she not only practiced, but she became what she was (and still is) learning. It is beautiful to see how much the Bioenergetic Medicine changed her life and how empowered, strong, and healthy she became. She is a fantastic example for me, and I am very proud of her. As for me, I had remarkable breakthroughs and internal change with the help of Bioenergetic Medicine as well as a massive impact on my physical health. I had experiences of going to the session with intense back pain and coming out completely pain-free, it felt like magic!
Carol is the most dedicated person I know; she genuinely loves and believes in what she does for a living. I don’t only recommend Bioenergetic Medicine as a unique technic to improve your overall well-being but also the Carol as a Bioenergetic Medicine practitioner. Thank you, Carol, to share this knowledge with me and now with the world.

Certified professional coach and workshop facilitator

About Carol Wilke

Bioenergetics practitioner

My name is Carolina Wilke, and over ten years, I suffered from migraines. At that time, my only solution was to pop-up pills to try to control the pain. I couldn’t find a permanent solution, and in 2017 everything changed. I learned about bioenergetic medicine at the B.E.M school in Brazil, became a client, and my migraines suddenly disappeared. I was suspicious initially but, at the same time, fascinated about the importance of energy to our health. I started dedicating myself to its teachings.

Bioenergetics changed my life. Not only I regained my physical health back, but it also lighted a fire inside me. It grew in me a sincere desire to share this knowledge with the world. There was something inside me that knew this would be life-changing for me.


Carolina Wilke is a Bioenergetics Medicine practitioner certified by B.E.M School Brazil. By agreeing to engage in her services, I understand that she does not diagnose conditions, nor does she prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with a licensed medical professional’s treatment. For any major physical or psychological ailment, I acknowledge that it is recommended to see a licensed physician or healthcare professional.

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